Third Generation

8. Elesbeath Robertson (Joseph , Joseph ) was born 3 Feb 1825 in Hutchensontown Relief Church, Lanark, Scotland. She was christened 6 Feb 1825 in Brick Fireworks, Scotland. Elesbeath was christened 13 Feb 1825 in Hutcchnsontown Relief Church, Lanark, Scotland.

The address for Elizabeth and William when they had their son baptized on10/23/1842 (John) was Old Library, Fireworks, Scotland...
These old names are important because when looking for records inScotland the towns, are now gone with this reference a search at a laterdate would be much easier to find one of them.........

Elesbeath married William Gemmell 29 Sep 1839 in Gorbals. Scotland.

They had the following children:

  16 M i James Gemmell was born 13 May 1840 in Hutcensontown Relief Church, Lanark, Scotland. He was christened 7 Jun 1840 in Hutchensontown Relief Church, Lanark, Scotland. James was christened in By Rev. J.S. Taylor.
  17 F ii Elizabeth Gemmell was born 20 May 1841 in Hutcensontown Relief Church, Lanark, Scotland. She was christened 4 Jul 1841 in Hutcensontown Relief Church, Lanark. Elizabeth was christened in Rev. J.S. Taylor.
  18 M iii John Gemmell was born 6 Oct 1842 in Hutcensontown Relief Church, Lanark, Scotland. He was christened 30 Oct 1842 in Hutcensontown Relief Church, Lanark. John was christened in Rev. J.S. Taylor.

9. Joseph Scott Robertson (Joseph , Joseph ) was born 30 Mar 1827 in Hutchensontown Relief Church, Lanark, Scotland. He was christened 1 Apr 1827 in Hutcehnsontown Relief Church, Lanark, Scotland. He died 28 Feb 1882 in Ocean Mines, MD. He was buried 1 Mar 1882 in Allegany Cemetery, Frostburg, Maryland.

The Frostburg Mining Journal dated March 4, 1882
At Ocean Mines, Tuesday, February 28, 1882, Mr. Joseph Robertson,aged 55 years. The deceased left a widow and seven children. Hisremains were interred in this place Thursday.
The Cumberland Times dated March, 1882
Robinson: Joseph Robinson a Boss Miner at Ocean Mines, who died onTuesday (2/28) took place yesterday. The remains are buried inFrostburg..
According to the copies of his Birth Register from Scotland he wasbaptized by Rev. Wm. Thomson

Joseph married Jane Thomas 20 Oct 1852 in Lonaconing, Maryland. Jane was born 16 Apr 1837 in South Wales. She died 11 Feb 1917 in Gilmore Maryland. She was buried 14 Feb 1917 in Allegany Cemtery, Frostburg, Maryland.

Jane came here with her family on the Ship Tiberi as from Wales in 1938,she was one year old. Buried in Allegany Cemetery, Frostburg, Maryland.Burial handled at the Eichorn Funeral Home, Death Certificate in file.
On the 1900 census dwelling 321, Jane Robertson Head b 4/1836, age 64wales, wales, wales, Thomas son 2/1877 age 23 md, scot, wales, Giffen,Jane grand daughter, 2/1886 14 md. pa. md Giffen, Victoria, granddaughter, 7/1888 11, md. pa. md. These were the children of Margaret thatdied in 1898 of typhoid Fever, she was married to George Waldeck Giffen,from Pa. have no idea what happened that Jane raised the children otherthan Margaret dying, Jand Giffen married a Trickett this is the samefamily plot that Thomas is buried in...
The census also shows number of children 15 number alive in 1900, 5

Joseph and Jane had the following children:

  19 F i Diana Robertson was born 26 Apr 1853.

On the 1860 Maryland Census for Allegany County it lists the followingJoseph Robertson. 32, Miner, Scotland, Jane, 23, Wales
Diana, 7. Maryland.. There is no possibility that she died in 1853. Theblock for attended school within the year is checked by Diana. They werelisted in the Frostburg District. page #475....
  20 F ii Rosana Robertson was born 6 Jul 1857.

Have found no record of death for Roseann since these were not issuedbefore 1898 in Maryland have no way of knowing if she is the one buriedin Old Coney Cemetery, there are no dates on the stone....
+ 21 M iii Joseph Scott Robertson , Jr
+ 22 F iv Margaret Jane Robertson
+ 23 M v Benjamin Robertson
+ 24 M vi James B Robertson
  25 M vii William W Robertson was born 7 Jan 1872. He died 24 Dec 1898.
  26 M viii John Robertson was born 6 Feb 1874 in Ocean Mines, Maryland, Allegany County. He died 2 Dec 1898 in Ocean Mines, Maryland, Allegany County.

John died at 25 of Typhoid Fever, Death Certificate states only FatherJoseph Robertson, posted in the Star, 12/8/1898
  27 M ix Thomas Robertson was born 28 Feb 1875 in Ocean Mines, Maryland, Allegany County. He died 4 Jan 1947 in Memorial Hospital, Cumberland, Md.. He was buried 6 Jan 1947 in Frostburg Memorial Cemetery, Frostburg, Maryland.

Thomas was 71 yrs, 10 months and 3 days old when he died, his deathcertificate states he was single, he was a coal miner for consolidatedcoal, death certificate says he was a transient, it is signed by BenjaminThomas of Pittsburgh, Pa. he is buried in Frostburg Memorial Cemetery andwas buried from Eichorn Funeral Home, Lonaconing, Md. He is buried inthe family plot of the Trickett's....

10. George Robertson (Joseph , Joseph ) was born 10 Sep 1829 in Hutchensontown Relief Church, Lanark, Scotland. He was christened 20 Sep 1829 in Hutcensontown Relief Church, Lanark. He died 20 Mar 1896 in Midland, Maryland. He was buried 22 Mar 1896 in Old Coney Cemetery, Lonaconing, Maryland.

1 _FA1
2 PLAC Buried in Old Lonaconing Cemetary

In the 1870 Census the following information was found. GeorgeRobertson was 40 years of age and Elizabeth was 35. Both were born inScotland and the following children were listed.

Joseph age 15 Born in Maryland employed as a Miner
John W age 14 Born in Maryland employed as a Miner
Rosanah age 11 Born in Maryland at home
Martha age 9 Born in Maryland at home
George age 7 Born in Maryland at home
Isabella age 4 Born in Maryland at home
James H age 1 Born in Maryland at home

In the 1890 Special Schedule for Surviving Soldiers, Sailors andMarines, and Widows, Etc.
This was a list of individuals who served during the war of therebellion. George Robertson, Ocean, is listed as being a Private,Company A, 2nd Regiment Potomac Home Brigade Volunteers. He enlisted onAugust 1, 1861 and was discharged on September 28, 1864, serving 3 years,1 month and 27 days. He also showed that disability Incurred wereRheumatism, Piles. He was also in the hospital for 4 months. Hislocation during the military included Clarysville, Green Spring Run, WV,guarding railroad lines.
Buried in the Old coney Cemetery, was 66 years 6 months and 10 days oldat the time of his death.
According to the copies of his birth register from Scotland he waschristened by Rev. Wm. Thomson.

George married Elizabeth Robertson 23 Jun 1854 in Frostburg Lutheran Church. Elizabeth was born 10 Dec 1835 in Scotland. She died 18 Dec 1899 in Midland, Maryland. She was buried 21 Dec 1899 in Old Coney Cemetery, Lonaconing, Maryland.

Elizabeth left a will in this will she left Joseph G, John W,. RoseannaShearer. Martha Robb, George Lincoln, Isabella Hutchinson, all $1.00, herson James Henry whom she lived with got $84.27 after all the expenseswere paid. Copy of will is in file. It does state they paid $4.00 foran obituary in the News, I am assuming the Cumberland, News, She wasburied from Eichorn Funeral Home, Lonaconing, Maryland, from will paid$83.50, August Eichorn.
She is buried in the Old Coney Cemetery, stone reads 64 years 8 days oldat time of death, she died 12/18/1899..
Craig found this on microfilm at Frostburg State University:
Cumberland Times News, week 12/20/1899
Mrs. Robertson, mother of Postmaster John W. Robertson of this place,died at her home in Midland Sunday night. the funeral will take placeWednesday at 1:30 o'clock and the interment will be made in Old ConeyCemetery..

George and Elizabeth had the following children:

+ 28 M i Joseph G Robertson
+ 29 M ii John Wilson Robertson
+ 30 F iii Roseanna Armstrong Robertson
+ 31 F iv Martha Lang Robertson
+ 32 M v George Lincoln Robertson
+ 33 F vi Isabelle Robertson
+ 34 M vii James Henry Robertson
  35 M viii William Thomas Robertson was born 21 Sep 1871 in Midland, Maryland. He died 26 Feb 1896 in Midland, Maryland. He was buried 28 Feb 1896 in Old Coney Cemetery, Lonaconing, Maryland.

William was 24 years 5 months and 5 days old at the time of his death.
Buried in the old coney cemetery with his parents, George & Elizabeth
He died of consumption, burial record on file. Mrs Robertson signedpapers
On his tombstone it has the Masonic Lodge emblem, so he belonged to theMason's.
  36 F ix Elizabeth Robertson was born 16 Nov 1873 in Midland, Maryland. She died 14 Sep 1876 in Midland, Maryland. She was buried 16 Sep 1876 in Old Coney Cemetery, Lonaconing, Maryland.

Elizabeth was 2 years 9 months and 29 days old, stone reads daughter ofGeorge & Elizabeth Robertson

15. Isabella Robertson (Joseph , Joseph ) was born 7 Jan 1844 in Hutchensontown Relief Church, Lanark, Scotland. She was christened 14 Jan 1844 in Polmadie, Scotland. She died 27 Jan 1924 in Barberton, Ohio. She was buried 30 Jan 1924 in Eckhart Mines Cemetery, Eckhart, Maryland.

1 _FA1
2 PLAC Buried at Eckhart Cemetary

Isabel Robertson was born in Glasgow, Scotland, on January 7, 1844,and was the only girl in a family of 11 or 13 children. She was one of96 Robertson's who migrated from Scotland to Nova Scotia. Later, herfamily moved to the George's Creek Coal Region and located in and aroundMidland, Ocean, and Eckhart, as well as Frostburg.
The names of her father and mother have not come to light, but in aletter from James Robertson, her brother, dated Camp Hooker, Stockton,September 2, 1862, addressed his dad as "Dear Father" and , afterinquiring about his health and informing him as to where he was, etc., heclosed the communication with:

"Give my love to Joseph, Jane and family, to George, Elizabeth andfamily, to William, Elizabeth and family, to John, Mary and family, andwhen you write to Archibald Beveridge send them my kind love and also mybrother Thomas. I also send my sister, Isabella, hoping she will tendwell to you in your old age and also to take good care of herself and notbe seduced from the path or rectitude and duty.
" I have no more to say but hope God will continue to bless you allwith good health till I see you again in the wish of your everaffectionate son, James Robertson."

The letter mentions 7 member of the family: Joseph, George, William,John, Thomas, Isabelle and James. Another brother, Walter, lived at thefoot of Laurel Hill, Eckhart, for a while, during which time he gaveviolin lessons to Charles Connor. After leaving Eckhart, his whereaboutswere unknown. One brother was killed in a mine blast in Nova Scotia, anda brother went to California with a man named Stewart, from Lonaconing,during the gold rush. Stewart later returned to Lonaconing, but nothingwas heard from Robertson from that time on.
During the Frostburg Centennial in 1912, Roseanne (Robertson)Deparneure, of Salida, California, visited here. She and her twodaughters, Winifred and Hazel, spent the entire summer at the homes ofthe Kreitzberg and Nelsons, and expected to visit her father (nameforgotten) in Kansas while on the way home. He was one of the brothersof Isabelle.
Isabelle (Robertson) Kreitzberg-Baltau was of the Lutheranpersuasion until 1906, when she, her daughter, Elizabeth Nelson, andgranddaughter, Anna Isabelle Nelson, three generations, united with theEckhart Baptist Church. Later, after removing from Eckhart to Barberton,Ohio, to reside with her daughter Elizabeth, she transferred membershipto the First Baptist Church of Barberton. She died in Barberton onJanuary 27, 1924, Funeral services were held at the home of her son,William H. Kreitzberg, and interment was in the Eckhart Cemetery. About1900 she owned a theater in Midland and resided in the upper story.After selling the property, she removed to Eckhart where she residedopposite the building now known as the "Union Hall".

Following the death of Henry Andrew Kreitzberg, Isabelle marriesErnest Baltau, of whom no information can be found.
Isabelle died in Barberton, Ohio and was transported by train to Eckhartwhere she was buried next to her first husband Henry Kreitzberg.

Since the finding of this letter Isabelle's parents have been found,Marilyn Robertson who is the G-granddaughter of Isabelle, obtained herdeath certificate from Ohio, it states, Father Joseph Robertson MotherRoseanna Armstrong.
There were 46 Robertson's on the Barque Hope in 1848. The ParrishRecords from Glasgow Archives in Scotland have only the children listedin this file, who Walter is we have no idea at this time, he was not abrother to Isabelle, These letters are probably combining two differentfamilies. David is the only brother not mentioned in this letter and wasnot on the Barque Hope, so as of this time we have no information onhim. If in the future information comes to light it will be added tothis file....
David Robertson who married Victoria Richards is not the son of Joseph &Rosanna his death certificate says parents John Robertson & ElizabethFerguson.......

Akron Beacon Journal


BARBERTON; Jan 28-Mrs. Isabel Baltau died Sunday night at the home of herdaughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Nelson, 123 Creedmoor Ave. at the age of 80years. She was born in Scotland and came to the United States when threeyears of age, settling in Frostburg, Md. She made her home in Barbertonnine years.
Two sons and three daughters are left, the latter residents of thiscity. Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Anna Wehling, 174 Walnut Street, Mrs. CatherineWeisenborne, 123 Creedmoor Ave. there are left 21 grandchildren and 19great-grandchildren.
Brief funeral services will be held at the Nelson home Monday night at6:30 o'clock, Rev. Clyde Barnes pastor of First M.E. Church officiating,and the remains sent to Frostburg, Md. for interment.

Cumberland Evening News
Mrs. Isabel Baltau
Frostburg. Md. January 28, 1924, Relatives in Frostburg have been advisedof the death Sunday night in Barberton, Ohio of Mrs. Isabel Baltau 80years the widow of Ernest Baltau a former resident of Eckhart and thisplace.
Mrs. Baltau died at the home of her daughter Mrs. Elizabeth Nelson inBarberton, she was a Miss Robertson prior to her marriage and a native ofEckhart. She also lived many years in Frostburg. Her first Husband wasHenry Kreitzberg. After his death she married Ernest Baltau.
She is survived by the following children. Mrs. Elizabeth Nelson, Mrs.Ann Wheling, Barberton, Mrs. Catherine Weisenborne, Frostburg, William H.Kreitzberg, Frostburg and Frederick Baltau a missionary in China.
The body was brought to Frostburg on Tuesday night and taken to the homeof her son, William H. Kreitzberg 65 Washington St., Mrs. Baltau was thelast of a family of 12 children, She is survived by 12 grandchildren and18 great-grandchildren.

On the 1870 Census for Allegany County, Maryland, this is the way thechildren are listed:
Creitsburg, Henry 25 M W. Miner None $100.00 Prussia
Isabella 26, F. W. Keeping House None Scotland
Annie C. 6 f. W. At home, Maryland
Rosanah 4 F. W. At home, Maryland
William H. 1 M. W. At home, Maryland

This is why I have put Annie Catherine in the file this way..

Isabella married (1) Henry Andrew Kreitzburg 15 Oct 1863 in Ohio County, West Virginia. Henry was born 19 Sep 1845 in Prussia Hesse Castle, Germany. He died 27 Apr 1876 in Eckhart, Maryland. He was buried in Eckhar tMines Cemetery, Eckhart, Maryland.

1 _FA1
2 PLAC Buried at Eckhart Cemetary

Little is known of the Fore-bears of henry Andrew Kreitzberg, or ofhis brothers or sisters and very little of his life history. He wasknown to have ran away from home and enlisted in the Union Army, atWheeling, West Virginia, under the name of "Henry Andrew" in view of hisage. He was with the army in Richmond when General lee surrendered, andwas mustered out at that point with an Honorable Discharge.
Adam Kreitzberg, of Meyersdale, Pennsylvania, was a brother, as wasGeorge Kreitzberg, a resident of Blair Street, Frostburg.
His death was attributed to an attack of "rheumatism of the heart",and occurred when his children ranged from 12 to 3 years. he wasapproximately 31 years old at the time of his death, and interment wasmade in the Eckhart Cemetery, in Eckhart, Maryland.

Henry and Isabella had the following children:

+ 37 F i Annie Catherine Kreitzburg
+ 38 F ii Rosanna Kreitzburg
+ 39 M iii William Henry Kreitzburg
+ 40 F iv Elizabeth Kreitzburg

Isabella married (2) Ernest Baltau 1885. Ernest was born 1844 in Germany. He died 20 Aug 1887 in Eckhart Mines, Maryland. He was buried in Eckhart Cemetery, Eckhart, Maryland.

They had the following children:

+ 41 M v Frederick Emmons Baltau
  42 F vi Mary Baltau was born 1887. She died 25 Apr 1897 in Eckhart, Maryland. She was buried in Eckhart Cemetery, Eckhart, Maryland.

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