First Generation

1. Thomas Ravenscroft died Abt 1833 in Bourbon County Kentucky.

Ruth Thayer Ravenscroft book Pages 136 and 137

Willaim and Stephen Ravenscroft, three brothers from Germany came toNew York and on to Indiana. Stephen remained in Indiana, but William andThomas came to Virginia, up the Potomac River to Piedmont and Keyser,West Virginia. From the marriage records at Frostburg, Maryland (justacross the Potomac River from Piedmont, West Virginia) we find thatThomas Ravenscroft married Mahalia Dawson on 9 August, 1806.
During World War II, William Price Ravenscroft of Colorado Springs,Colorado me some German prisoners of war while he was in defense work.One of them spoke very good English and pronounced our name with anEnglish accent. He said that he had known a family of our name inSchleswig-Holstein, Germany and they spelled it identically with ours,since Schleswig-Holstein is directly across the North Sea from England,it is possible that one of the English Families (possibly from London)migrated to Germany and then to the United States. The retention of theoriginal spelling of the name indicated that this family originated inEngland.

Thomas Ravenscroft Born Germany or England
Died 1833 Paris, Bourbon County, KY of Cholera (see Text)

Married: ( August 1806 Frostburg, MD
(County Clerk Records Frostburg)

Mahalia Dawson Born: ?
Died: Same day has husband 1833 in Paris, Bour non County, KY ofCholera

Children ( there were probably others, not yet found of record)

1. Eli Dawson Ravenscroft b. 1807; m. Sarah Speicher
2. John Ravenscroft; m. Letta Johnson (Biog & Hist Memoirs ofSouthern Ark." Goodspeed Pub. Co 1890, p. 371--D.A.R. Lib.Washington D.C.)
3. Richard Ravenscroft; will dated 30 March 1880 Marshall County, WVa (Once part of Ohio Co.); m. Elizabeth (he may be #7F, p272)see p. 152.
4. Mary Ravenscroft; m. ___________Arnold, had Dora Bell Arnold whom ____________Vanaman (see Richard's Will) if Richard was #7F,p.272, she was also dau of William, p272 but since Mary is not mentionedas a dau of this William, this is a difficult problem to solve.
5. Thomas Ravenscroft; After 1817; m Sarah Burrows; census ofMarshall Co. W Va 1840 gives Thomas Ravenscroft with 2 malesunder 5; 1 male between 20-30; 1 female between 20-30 farmer.

In " Biographical and Historical Memoir of Southern Arkansas"Goodspeed Pub. Co 1890, p371, may be found the following:
Charles B Ravenscroft, prominent in Baler Twp. was born 8 March1839 in Kentucky, son of John and Letta (Johnson) Ravenscroft, natives ofVirginia, former of German Parentage. The paternal grandparents, Thomasand wife, died of Cholera in 1833 in Paris Kentucky on the same day."
This Statement proves then that Thomas Ravenscroft of thisbranch of the family in America was from Germany.

Eli Dawson (2) Ravenscroft (Thomas) Born 16 July 1807 MD
Died 28 May 1881 Garrett County Maryland
married: 1820 Maryland
Sarah Spiecher Born:
Died 19 April 1897 buried in a cemetery joining the farm at theSouthern Methodist Church along the Old National Pike,Route 40 4 miles west of Frostburg, Maryland.

Thomas married (1) Nancy Langsdon.

They had the following children:

  2 M i John Ravenscroft

Thomas married 2 (2) Mahalia Dawson 1 9 Aug 1806 in Frostburg, Maryland. Mahalia died Abt 1833 in Bourbon County Kentucky.

They had the following children:

  3 M ii John Ravenscroft 1.
        John married Letta Johnson 1.
  4 M iii Richard Ravenscroft 1.
        Richard married 2 Elizabeth Riggle 1 21 Feb 1833.
  5 F iv Mary Ravenscroft 1.
        Mary married Arnold 1.
+ 6 M v Thomas Ravenscroft
+ 7 M vi Eli Ravenscroft

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