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August 18, 1894 ASKING FOR AID

Friday afternoon Messrs. L.L. LONG and John CREAMER presented a subscription list at this office asking aid for the unemployed of Ocean and Midland. The full committee is as follows: Lewis L. LONG, John CREAMER, Mathew STOKES, Jas. DAVIS, Thos. TAYLOR, Hugh O’ROURKE, Simon KENNEY, Thomas MURPHY, Patrick BYRNE, Thomas LOUIS, Samuel THOMAS, Wm. KANE. ; assistants, Richard CREAMER and David WILLIAMS. Mr. Lewis LONG is chairman of the committee; Jos. DAVIS is treasurer; Richard T. CREAMER, secretary.

The subscription list is being well signed. The committee was appointed at a a special meeting several days ago.

October 12, 1895 Midland’s Boom

Midland, Md. is just about to put on a boom in the shape of a new coal mine, which is being opened by SHAW Bros. of Baltimore. within the next two weeks all the coal will have been taken out of Midlothian, and the mine at that place practically closed, hence the purchasing of a portion of the Big Vein from the Consolidation Coal Company, by the above names gentlemen, which transaction is hailed with delight by the residents of Midland.

February 9, 1898 -

Hibernians Meet, Elect Officers -The seventh biennial convention of the ancient Order of Hibernians of Allegany County was held at Nickel’s Hall in Frostburg yesterday. The following delegates were present from different divisions:

P. J. CREEGAN, County President; P. T. MCGANN, County Secretary; John MULLIN, County Treasurer.

Divison # 1 – Edward WALSH, James F. QUINN, John MORAN, John BRODERICK, P. A. STAKEM.

1899 Little Robert IZZETT Caught His Foot Under a Rail and Fell across the Track
Yesterday’s paper it was stated that Robert, the ten year old son of Robert IZZETT, Sr., had met with a serious accident by being run over by an engine. Five physicians were summoned, and it was found necessary to amputate one of his lower limbs. the boy had lost so much blood that while the operation was successfully performed, he died sometime this morning. the unfortunate little fellow tried to cross the railroad in front of an engine, when his foot caught under a rail and he fell across the track. After the engine passed over his leg and in freeing himself he rolled down a ten foot embankment.  The accident occurred at Midland Junction, the home of the boy’s parents.
Nearly Roasted Alive
The eight month old infant of Mr. & Mrs. John SMITH at Midland was nearly roasted alive yesterday afternoon. The mother left her child on the floor while she went into the cellar and when she returned was horrified to find the infant wrapped in flames. How, she does not know, but she smothered the flames and then sent for Dr. Smith. The child’s recovery is doubtful.
Won the Prize
Miss Maggie MCKENNA, daughter of Wm. MCKENNA, of Paradise, has won a scholarship in Washington College, in competition with all the free schools of Allegany Count. The examinations were held in Cumberland a few days ago and it is very creditable, both to Miss MCKENNA and her teachers, Prof. J. E. WINTERS and his faithful assistants, Misses MANLEY and MCMAHON that this prize is brought to Midland. Thus it appears that while our young athletes are making Midland prominent on the baseball map, our studious young women are making us a name on the rolls of scholastic honor—Midland Press
New Lodge of I.O.O.F
J. C. BELL, deputy grand master, and John M. JONES, grand secretary of the Grand Lodge of the I.O.O.F. of Maryland, instituted Midland Lodge No. 02 last evening, and the following officers installed: Nobel grand, William STRAUSS, vice grand, James HOWIE, recording secretary, John PATTERSON; treasurer, Nelson DUCKWORTH, R. S. to N. G., Adam PATTERSON, L. S. to N. G., Grant DAWSON, R. S. to V. G., Robt. STOCHAN; L. S. to V. G., Andres WISNER. This lodge starts off with 17 members, and bids fair to be a flourishing order.

Church Dedicated
Firemen’s Fair in Progress —-Democratic Mass Meeting

Midland, Md., Oct. 30, 1899 —-The United Brethren Church at Gilmore was dedicated yesterday at 2 p.m. the following program was the exercises of the day:

Anthem, Lonaconing Presbyterian church Choir; Invocation: Rev. Wm. W. WAGNER; hymn, congregation; scripture reading, Rev. WAGNER. offering; anthem, Presbyterian church choir; sermon, Rev. A.C. THOMPSON; dedicatory scripture, Minister and congregation. The singing was rendered by the Lonaconing Presbyterian choir, accompanied by Prof. IVISON, cornet soloist. the church was filled with the congregation and invited friends. the Midland Cornet Band was present and rendered some very nice selections. The building is a neat and handsome one and a credit to the untiring efforts of Rev. WAGNER and his followers very handsome collection was taken up to help defray the expenses.

The Midland Fire Company’s fair, now going on in Balteau’s Hall, promises to be a grand success. The fire laddies and their lady friends are doing everything in their power to make the fair successful in every way. Saturday evening the hall could not accommodate the many visitors from Cumberland, Mt. Savage and Frostburg and the fire company appreciated the attendance to a man.

The Consolidation Coal Company at Ocean No. 1 are sinking another well at K of P. Grove, being compelled to do so to secure water for the hoisting engine at the mine.

The Midland football team are diligently practicing and will soon be ready to meet any other team.

A Democratic mass meeting will be held in EAGAN’S Opera House on Tuesday, Oct. 31. Able speakers will be present to discuss the issues of the campaign.

A. M. CRAMER,  of Piedmont, who has conducted a shoe store in the Wilson building, leves today for Piedmont.

The much talked of road to Dan’s Rock has begun and it is hoped will be finished before cold weather comes.

The Cumberland Commercial College has opened a night school in K. of L. hall with a good attendance.

November 21, 1899
Many Improvements Noted in the thriving Town up the Creek

MIDLAND, Nov. 21 – the new residence and business block of Postmaster George  REID, under the skillful hand of contractor DAVIS, is nearing completion and will be an ornament tot that part of our town. The building contains a large and up to date business room, in addition to a comfortable residence. the building will be ready for occupancy about December 15th and is located on Front Street, being part of the REYNOLDS property. Mr. REID has also just finished an artesian well on the rear of the building from which an abundance of pure, soft water is obtained.

The firm of Marshall & Co., the successors of J. R. Poland, are forging ahead in their cash store in the DAVIS block.  Quite a number of clerks are employed by them and their delivery wagon is kept constantly on the rush.

The fair for the benefit of the proposed new fire company was a financial and likewise a social success. Our citizens deserve credit for their push and energy in providing against the fire fiend, and we will soon have a well equipped and efficient fire company, composted of our gallant and hardy young men that will secure us against any great or destructive fires.

Midland has one of the best local papers that ever graced a town in Maryland. the Press, edited and published by C. T. CLAYTON, has been a prime factor in the growth and development of this place and the keen foresight of its editor has brought about many advantages for the coming city of Allegany County. We hope to see the day when the Press will be a daily, published in its own building and will have the largest circulation in the county. This will come in time and the era is not far distant when Cumberland and Westernport will be suburbs of Midland and towns like Frostburg, Lonaconing and Barton will be the central districts of Midland.                     Rab

Social News
(Excerpts from the local newspapers, the Cumberland Alleganian, and the Evening Times, regarding the social news of Midland) If you have any information to add to any of these articles, please email the webmaster.
September 9, 1895
Mr. Simon KENNEY, of Midland, came down this morning (to Cumberland) with his son, Patrick, who left this afternoon with Father STANTON for St. Charles College where he will begin his studies for the Priesthood.


Cumberland Evening Times, Mon. Jan. 9, 1905

The St. Joseph’s Church Fair will reopen in Midland Opera House Tuesday evening and continued Thursday and Saturday evenings. The various contests will close Thursday evening.

Rev. Father Mackall, who has been threatened with a serious illness is slightly improved though far from being entirely well.

A. O. H. Division No. 5 held a special meeting yesterday for the purpose of installing their officers for the coming year. County President T. S. Kean of Cumberland conducted the ceremonies of the installation.  The officers installed were John T. O’ROURKE, President; John F. CAMPBELL, Vice President; James BRODERICK, Recording Secretary; Martin T. O’ROURKE Financial Secretary; Lawrence DUNN, Treasurer, Michael MANLY, P. J. CREEGAN, James P. CARROLL, T. P. MURPHY and James CONLON, Standing Committee.

Rev. Father Nolan of Frostburg, visited his parents here yesterday evening.

Town Clerk, P. B. CAIN was visiting Frostburg yesterday.

The Midland Citizens Cornet Band serenaded Mr. & Mrs. John T. Malloy Saturday evening at Mrs. Malloy’s home after which the band and invited friends partook of refreshments that were daintily prepared for them.  Mr. Malloy is a member of the band and enjoys the good fellowship of the entire membership.

Mr. Myles Thompson, Miss Lizzie McMahon and Miss Mary Broderick were visitors to Cumberland Saturday evening.

Mr. Walter Ort, of the Second National Bank of Cumberland, was a visitor to his parents home sunday, returning to Cumberland by the C & P. yesterday evening.

Dr. James Carpenter arranged to take several of his patients requiring surgical operations to John Hopkins in Baltimore yesterday.

The Midland Fire Company is in possession of 1,000 feed of splendid hose, a reel that would do credit in a much larger town and an engine of the very best pattern, but without sufficient interest among its member to attend any business meetings or cultivate any esteem of using the means in their possession in to systematically fight the dreaded monster, fire. How much longer will this state of indifference exist? Let us hope that before some home is ruined by fire our young men will arise to the fact that it is their duty to be prepared to battle such misfortune.

January 10, 1905

Horse Killed

Mr. George Bowen lost his valuable horse, Frank, yesterday through an accident said to have been caused by boys starting him and the sleigh upsetting, one shaft being plunged into the horse’s body, causing him to run down Union St. to Main, where after a few minutes of agony, the valuable animal dies. Mr. Bowen valued his horse, and can hardly replace him with another well adapted to his business.

Mrs. Matthew Gilchrist and Mrs. Will Jackson of Paradise left yesterday for Baltimore to undergo an operation at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

January 11, 1905

Deputy Sheriff Wm. Hodel, of Cumberland, was a business visitor here yesterday.

Carlos Mines has not worked any this week out of respect for Ex-Governor Lowndes.

A great many people from here will attend the funeral of Mrs. Wm. Dillon at Frostburg today.

Letter from the President

Master Paul Grant, son of E. R. Grant was the recipient of a handsome scrap book among his Christmas presents, and has began making a collection of photographs and autographs of prominent people. In response to a request of President Roosevelt for a photograph and autograph the following letter was received inclosing the original autograph of the President.

White House, Washington, Jan. 5 1905

My dear Sir – In reply to your letter of the ?? instant, I regret to say that our supply of photographs of the President is exhausted. I take pleasure in sending you the accompanying autograph.

Very Truly Yours,

Wm. Loeb,

Secretary to the President 

Master Paul is very proud of his success in securing the President’s autograph and will be pleased to show it to any of his friends.

The Graichen Glove Co.’s representative was calling upon his business friends here yesterday.

The following Hibernians were visitors to Frostburg last night: Mr. Jno. T. O’Rourke, James P. Carrol, Thos. P Murphy, Patrick J. Creegan, Lawrence Dunn, James Broderick, John Campbell, Patrick O’Rourke, Henry Keenan, Henry McVeigh, M. J. Creegan, Owen McGreevy, and several others comprising the A.O.H. Degree team, who were conferring the initial honors upon a large class of candidates. The report having had a pleasant time.

Mr. George Blumenthal of Blumenthal Cigar & Tobacco Co. of Altoona, Pa was calling upon his business friends here yesterday.

Directors Elected

The stockholders of the First National Bank of Midland held their annual meeting yesterday and elected the following directors for he ensuing year: L. J. Ort, W. B. Phillips, Philip McMahon, Marx Wineland, Roberdean Annan, DeWarren H. Reynolds, and Duncan Sinclair. Mr. E. R. grant and Michael Manley wee the tellers and judges of the election. The bank has done a very successful business the past year, and is in a flourishing condition.

Mr. J. Henderson of the National Biscuit Co. and J. A. McBeth of Cumberland, were among our business callers yesterday.

January 12, 1905

Mr. George Bowen, who has been suffering from a severe attack of rheumatism, was able to be out yesterday for a short while.

Mrs. Hugh McVeigh and Mrs. Thos. Cummings and son, Nicholas, went to Pittsburg yesterday to visit their son and daughter in that place.

Mr. Chas. McNeal, at Klondike, has a child sick with scarlet fever.

The lecture in Midland Opera House tomorrow night by the Rev. Francis Clement Kelly, under the auspices of the Midland council, Knights of Columbus, promises to be well attended. Reserved seats are on sale at E. R. Grant and are being rapidly disposed of.

The St. Joseph’s church fair tonight promises to attract a large crowd. The barbers’ contest that the three tonsorial artists of this town are engaged in, will be decided and promises to be interesting, as they have each been quietly though earnestly gathering as many votes as possible for the voting tonight and the friends of each candidate have made an earnest canvass. The several minor contested and drawings will very likely not be decided until Saturday evening, when the final closing of the fair will be concluded.

Mr. James Bowen, proprietor of the Bowen Hotel, has placed an order with the Evening Times for a handsome register, which when completed will be one of the finest. Mr. Bowen appreciates good work and realizes where to get it.

The Royal Blue Encampment, No. 11, I.O.O.F., installed the following officers Tuesday night for the ensuing term: Chief Patriarch, W. M. Montgomery; High Priest, James Wagus; Senior Warden, Samuel Brown; Scribe, Jas. ? M. Baker, Treasurer, John Smith; Marshal, Robert Hill; Inside Sentinel, A. J. Wisner, Outside Sentinel, John McGowan; Guide, Chas. Hawe; Trustees, James Wagus for 18 months; A.J. Wisner for 6 months. After the installation, which was conducted by Grand Master Thos. S. Harris, assisted by Grand Warden Jno. Smith, the entire membership repaired to the Bowen Hotel, where a banquet was held, served as the genial proprietor of that well known hotel knows so well, followed by a smoker and general discuss of the future of the Odd Fellowship in this locality.

Mr. & Mrs. W. B. Phillips were at Frostburg yesterday.

Mr. Michael O’Rourke was a visitor at Frostburg last night.

A party of young ladies and gentlemen from here attended the dance at Mr. Savage last night and report having had a pleasant time.

Mrs. Patrick J. Cavanaugh visited friends at Westernport yesterday.

January 13, 1905

Mr. Boston of the Frederick Music Co., of Cumberland, was a visitor to Midland yesterday.

Will Kiddy, Jr. who has been in the employ of the E. R. Grant Co. for some time, left today to accept a position in Pittsburg, where his father is already engaged. Will’s energetic and courteous manner will enable him to give satisfaction wherever he is located, and being young and full of ambition can be expected to make good use of his talents.

Rev. F. C. Kelly, who is to lecture in the Opera House tonight arrived from Elkins, W. Va. today and his appearance confirms the reports from papers where he has appeared, as being of a fine commanding appearance, gifted with a voice full of pathos and eloquence and a strain of wit and humor.

Rev. F. P. Mackall received the sad intelligence of the death of his brother at Baltimore yesterday morning. While the severe illness of the deceased was expected to terminate in death, still at the time Rev. Mackall was not expecting the end so soon, and was grieved at not being with him at his dying moments. Rev. Mackall left on the 10:30 Georges Creek train yesterday morning for Cumberland, from where he took the B. & O. for Baltimore. He is not expected to return till next week, during his absence Rev. Father Stanton, of Lonaconing, will look after the spiritual wants of St. Joseph’s parish.

The children of St. Joseph’s school attended the fair yesterday afternoon and freely enjoyed themselves in various ways. The grab bag was patronized by the majority and ejaculations of pleasant surprise at their prizes were freely uttered.

Fair Contests

The contests at the fair last night resulted in a victory for Mr. Hiller in the barber contest, having $127.60; Mr. Myers, having $58.45, and Mr. Paull having $57.72. The voting was spirited though friendly. The ladies contest resulted in a victory for Miss Mary Bush, she having $226.40, and Miss Kenny having $225.04. the little boys’ contest was considered a complete surprise, nobody expecting the result to reach the amount it did. Master James Conlon was the victor, having $35.76, and Simon Byrne having $29.70. The total amount realized on the three contests being $760.67, and is acknowledged a very good evening’s work. Mr. Jos. McKenna was the lucky person for the mat; Wm. Coleman the shoes, and Mrs. J. T. Maloy the pictures on the temperance table. The temperance drawing and the Hibernian drawing as well as the other valuable articles, will be disposed of Saturday evening when the fair will close.


Mr. John Gannon and Miss Gertie Clarke, of Barton, were visitors at the fair last night.

The following people from this place were at “The Volunteer Organist” in Cumberland last night: Messrs. M. J. Creegan, John Wilson, Chas. Stewart, H. O. Barncord, Clarence Ort, Walter Baker, Geo. Seymore, Walter Murray, Mrs. August Frenzel, Miss Ida Speelman, Miss Maggie and Mary McFarlan and Miss Lizzie Vesbitt.

January 16, 1905

The most successful fair ever held in Midland closed Saturday night with an unusually large crowd present. Visitors from the neighboring towns were quite numerous, and assisted very materially in making the fair the success it proved to be. The many valuable articles disposed of were distributed as follows: The handsome picture of Rev. Father Mackall was won by Martin O’Rourke. The large doll on the temperance table was won by Miss Clara McMahon. the drawing on the temperance table resulted as follows: First prize- Rocking Chair, Mrs. Charles Morgan; Second prize- roll matting, Mrs. P. F. Skelly; Third prize,- two pairs lace curtains, Mrs. Wm. Byrne of Ocean; Fourth prize-handsome ring, Mr. Jas. Burton of Frostburg; the rosary on the temperance table was won by Mr. John Nesbit, who resides with Mr. Chas. Morgan; the Carving ?, Mr. Alfred Kelly; the barrel of flour, John McVeigh; the child’s silver set, Mr. Peter Hoye’s child.

On the Hibernian table, the doll contest was won by Loretta Monahan, having $7.68 to Ada Graham’s $9.36; the matting was won by William McVeigh, a student at St. Charles College. the rocking chairs were won by Miss Mary Broderick and Frank Flannigan; the large lamp was won by Mr. Phillip McMahon, and the rug by Jos. Firlie. The net receipts are yet uncertain, but every indication lead to believe the amount will by over $1500.

The Misses Burkey of Mt. Savage, spent Sunday with Mrs. J. B. Stakem.

Miss Maggie Blake of Eckhart, visited her sister, Mr. T. P. Kenny the past few days.

Miss Mae Bell and Miss Cecelia Morgan, of Piedmont, were visitors to Midland Saturday evening and attended the fair.

The popular Byrne’s Orchestra furnished music for the dance at Lonaconing Saturday night.

the entire community was shocked yesterday afternoon by the news of the sudden and unexpected death of Patrick Atkinson, son of John Atkinson. Death is supposed to have resulted from heart failure, from which the deceased has been known to have been afflicted with for some time. Mr. Atkinson had just sat down to eat his dinner, when death claimed him. Deceased was a young man and of quiet and retiring habits. The funeral arrangement have not been completed, though it is supposed interment will be in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Lonaconing, Md.

Mrs. Frank Scott, of Paradise, have been very ill the past few weeks, but at present is improving.

Mr. Will Cavanaugh, of Paradise, who has been confined to his room the past few weeks is improving very rapidly, and hopes to soon be able to resume his duties.

Rev. Thos. J. Stanton, of Lonaconing, was at Midland yesterday.

January 18, 1905

Mrs. Peter McKenna, an aged lady residing on Paradise Lane, was the unfortunate victim of a coasting party on the lane, while not being seriously injured, the victim of the carelessness of our youthful funlovers, was badly scared, and being troubled with very poor hearing was not aware of the nearness of the sleds, when she was overtaken. Some measure at least compelling a little more care should be inaugurated.

Mr. Wm. Cavanaugh of Pekin was renewing old acquaintances here yesterday and attending the funeral of the late Patrick Atkinson.

Rev. Father Nolan, of Frostburg, visited his parents her Monday evening.

Mr. John F. Drum and wife, of Vale Summitt, and Mr. & Mrs. Sam Nichols, of Eckhart, attended the funeral of Mr. Atkinson yesterday.

Mr. Michael Fahey and daughter of Piedmont, and Mr. & Mrs. Michael Morgan were present at the funeral yesterday.

Mr. F. J. McMahon, of Cumberland, was shaking hands with Midland people yesterday.

The news of the terrible accident at Jackson Mine yesterday evening was the source of deep sorrow to many people of this place. Mr. Timney, the unfortunate victim, being a relative of many families at this place. His wife is a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dorsey of Paradise.

Seldom, if every, was there such a large number of people present at a funeral in Midland as there was followed the remains of Mr. Patrick Atkinson to his resting place yesterday. The many family connections and friends were present from various places and the young man being well and favorably known throughout the county, was honored by the presence of his many friends to conduct him to his grave. A.O.H. Division, No. 1, of Lonaconing, of which he was a faithful member had charge of the funeral. The pallbearers being chosen from their ranks and being all young men associates of the deceased. Division No. 5, A.O.H., of Midland, also attend in goodly number. The floral tributes were many and beautiful. The remains were taken to Lonaconing on the C. & P. train at 10:46, where requiem high mass was sun by Rev. Thos. J. S. Stanton, who also delivered one of the most consoling and sympathetic sermons ever listed to, after which the remains were interred in S. Mary’s cemetery.

The following members of Midland Council Knights of Columbus returned Monday evening from Connellsville, where they attended the institution of a council of their order Sunday, and all report having had a very pleasant time: Messrs. John McMahon, Myles Thompson, Jas. McMahon, James Paul Stakem, John Kenny, John T. Brady, Myles Stakem and Walter R. Murray.

Mr. Mace, the president of Lonaconing athletic association, was at Midland yesterday, and in discussing baseball claims the Lonaconing team for the coming season will be a top notch from the start.

Mr. J. T. Richardson, the shoe merchant, was at Frostburg yesterday.

Mr. Walter H. Baker was in attendance yesterday on the Circuit Court.

Mr. Walter R. Murray is visiting friends at McKeesport, Pa.

Constable M. J. Creegan has a sale of household goods advertised for Thursday evening in front of Firlie’s store.

Mr. Owen P. Winters and Superintendent W. R. Miller, of the street car line drove through town yesterday.

Sleighing parties were plentiful last night. The pleasant weather being so agreeable that all the sleighs in town were in use.

The Midland Athletic Association held a meeting last night and instructed Manager BRODERICK and T. P. KENNY of the executive committee to attend a meeting at Lonaconing Thursday evening, and post forfeit and complete all arrangements for placing team in the county league. Every indication now points to a strong team and all the faithful rooters are anxious for the coming events.

January 19, 1905

Mine Inspector Thos. P. MURPHY was present at the work of recovering the body of Mr. Dan TIMNEY at Jackson min Tuesday night, retuning home Wednesday morning after the body has been recovered.

Rev. U. S. HAVENOR was a visitor to Cumberland yesterday.

The Eldorado Club reopened their dancing class last night after the holiday postponement. Visitors were present from Lonaconing and Frostburg, and a very nice time was spent.

Mrs. Paul MURRAY and Mrs. Myles THOMPSON were at Moscow yesterday.

Mr. A. A. DAVIS is in New York looking over the market for an automobile suitable to carry at least 8 passengers to and from Dan’s Rock. It is Mr. Davis’ intention to carry passengers by automobile the famous natural wonder, as a pleasant and profitable pastime the coming summer.

Mr. James MORTON took a run in his auto yesterday just to keep it in running order.

Mr. & Mrs. Frank SANDERS are rejoicing over the arrival of a young daughter.

Mr. Thos. ROBERTSON was acquitted yesterday by the jury without leaving their seats of the charge of larceny of which the state accused him.

Mr. Simon KENNY, one of the oldest miners in Ocean mine met with a slight accident, while at his employment yesterday. He was engaged in mining the breast when a large amount of top of the breast fell out , striking him on the shoulder and side, bruising and injuring him in a painful manner. While not seriously hurt, Mr. Kenny’s injuries are of such a nature that it may require some days to develop their extent.

A valuable mule was accidentally killed in Ocean Mine yesterday by being caught by a trap door. The mule was driven by Mr. M. MCCABE, who was exonerated from any blame for the accident.

Mr. Garrett BYRNE, the prominent proprietor of the Gem Restaurant on Midland street, went to Pittsburg today for a combined business and pleasure trip.

A jolly party of Vale Summit young ladies enjoyed a sleigh ride to our city last night.


Mr. James BURNS, leader of the famous Burns’ Orchestra, left today for a week’s visit to Baltimore.

Born to Mr. & Mrs. Robert GEORGE Saturday, a son. to Mr. & Mrs. James MCGEE, the same day, a son.

The Midland Gun Club has arranged for a shoot with the Coney sharp shooter in the near future.

The Knight of Pythias had a high old time last nigh in the Opera House. About 150 couples danced to the music of Poland’s Orchestra. About midnight the merrymakers marched to Clise’s Hall, where the Rathbone Sisters had spread the feast. To say the “Sisters” got up the supper is saying that “it was the best possible”. the dancing went on till morning

Constable-at-large Patrick MCGUIRE is enforcing the dog law vehemently. Pat lets no tagless “sooner “escape. If he can’t get near enough to put salt on their tails, he lassos them. Pat is an expert with a lariat, having had some experience as a cowboy in the west.


Your attention is always more attracted to heroic deed than otherwise. thus it is that in our daily rounds we have learned of the gallant act of James P. RICHARDSON last Sunday, show, regardless of the danger he was in, rescued Miss Maze CAVANAUGH from a watery grave. The young people were enjoying the popular sport of skating on the pond at Ocean, when the ice gave away, and Miss CAVANAUGH sank beneath the frozen surface. Then the act of bravery won the admiration of many spectators. Without a moment’s hesitation James sprang to the young lady’s assistance, and while other stood appalled at the dreaded possibilities, succeeded in rescuing her before any serious damage had resulted other than being immersed in the cold water.

A very pretty wedding was solemnized at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church yesterday eveing at 5 o’clock, Rev. F. P MACKALL officiating. The contracting parties wer Mr. Jos. A. ROWAN, of Lonaconing, AND Miss Christina BYRNES, of Midland. The attendants were Mr. Jos. BYRNES, brother of the bride, and Miss Regina PRATT, of Sharon, PA. , cousin of the bride. After the ceremony a wedding supper was served at the bride’s home, to the immediate friends of the happy young couple.

The C&P Telephone Co. are installing several new subscribers with their phones in this vicinity.

the annual meeting of the Midland Fire Co. will be held in the town hall tonight. Every member should make a special effort to be present, as matters of more than usual interest will be placed before them, and as the future of this very necessary organization depends largely upon the united efforts of every member it behooves all to be present, and voice their sentiments.


Meeting of the town council was held last night in town chamber with Mayor P. J. CREEGAN, Councilmen W. B. PHILLIPS, Geo. BOWEN, Jas. STAKEM and Wm. BRODERICK present. the amended charter was adopted and Attorney YOUNG instructed to give to delegates STUMP and SOMERVILLE for their attention at Annapolis.

Bailiff, Myles THOMPSON, reported $216.54, making a total of $486.37 since last report.

The stockholders of the First National Bank of Midland held their annual meeting yesterday and elected the following board of directors; Marx WINELAND, L.J. ORT, W. B. PHILLIPS, DeWarren H. REYNOLDS, Duncan SINCLAIR and Philip MCMAHON. the board immediately organized by electing Marx WINELAND, president; and Lewis J. ORT, treasurer.

The Midland Independent Cornet Bank will reopen their fair Saturday night, Jan 13th. in the Midland Opera House. The same high class music that was rendered during the holidays will be repeated and every effort to complete the successful affair will be put forth.



The Midland Fire Co. meets tonight and all the members are requested to be present.

The euchre held by St. Joseph’s Church on Tuesday night , was a grand success, both socially and financially.


Patrick O’ROURKE, little son of Jno. T. O’ROURKE, of Midland, had his foot so badly mashed by a car wheel running over it at Midland, this morning that the injured member had to be amputated by Drs. SMITH and O’NEILL.



Allegany Camp, No. 5006, Royal Neighbors of America, will celebrate Bobbie Burns’ Anniversary on Friday night, Jan. 24, 1908, with a banquet and ball in Midland Opera House. The best of music will be furnished to suit all kinds of dancing. Scotch reels, square dancing, round dancing and cutting out jigs. The ball will be opening with a grand march and a real good time for young and old will be had. A fine supper will be served by the ladies. This lodge is an auxiliary to the Modern Woodmen of America, and also an insurance order, admitting all nationalities. The committee is as follows: Mrs. Allen MUNSIE, Mrs. Martha TRULEY, Miss Dora KIEFFER, Mrs. James BOWEN.

Among those who attended the surprise party given in honor of Miss Beatrice WILLIAMS, on Railroad St, Tuesday evening were: Misses Minnie SHEETZ, Nettie RUSSELL, Ruthe LEAKE, Annie MCGOWAN, Jennie CLOSE, Maggie ROBINSON, Bess WILLIAMS, Marie WILLIAM, Beatrice WILLIAMS, Jack CAMPBELL, Willie MONTGOMERY, Tommy BEVERAGE, Jas. MONTGOMERY, Isaac BRINIGAR, Russell CUTTER, James CAVANAUGH, F. RICHARDS, Irvin SHEETZ, and Charles BEVERAGE.

Tonight there will be a meeting of the Midland Baseball Club for the purpose of putting them in their right positions and electing officers for the coming baseball season. This meeting will be held in Midland Independent Band Hall. IT will be called by Manager Price POLAND.


Miss Mary RYAN, of Ocean, is visiting her sister, Jrs. John HUGHES, out in Ohio.

Mrs. John LOAR, of Railroad St., who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. William GREENSHIELDS, of Bloomington , returned yesterday.

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence ORT are rejoicing over the arrival of a new baby.

Evening times, Jan. 18,1908

John CAVANAUGH, the oldest son of James CAVANAUGH, died very suddenly this morning at his home on O’Mara Ave. Deceased was about 34 years old and was a member of Div. No. 5 AO.H. His is survived by his father and the following sisters and brothers: Mr. Wm. CAVANAUGH, Mr. B. WOODS, Jr. Jas. KEATING, Misses Alice, Sarah, Julia, Ester, Anna and Mr. James CAVANAUGH, all of Midland. Funeral arrangements have not been completed.

Evening Times, Jan. 20, 1908

the Knights of Columbus held a special meeting in their hall yesterday afternoon in which they conferred the first degree and installed officers. District Deputy Joseph MCKENNA and Warden RHINEHART, of Cumberland officiated. The officers are as follows: Grand Knight, James P. KENNY of Frostburg; deputy grand knight, P. B. CAIN, chancellor, Wm. J. CAVANAUGH; chaplain, Rev. F. MACKALL, recording secretary, Richard J. STAKEM, financial secretary, E. R. GRANT, lecturer, T.P. KENNY, warden, Myles B. BYRNES, inside guard, Bernard KILDUFF, outside guard, Jos. MCMAHAN, trustee, Thomas MURPHY; advocate, Wm. B. PHILLIPS; treasurer, P.V. FIRLIE. The meeting then adjourned after a smoker.

Evening Times, Jan. 21, 1908

The funeral of the late John CAVANAUGH of O’Mara Avenue, whose death was noted in the times, took place yesterday from the residence of his father, Mr. James CAVANAUGH. the remains were taken to St. Joseph’s Catholic church, where Rev. F. P. MACKALL celebrated a mass of requiem for the repose of the soul of the deceased. Interment was made in St. Michael’s Catholic Cemetery at Frostburg. Division No. 5, Ancient Order of Hibernians of Midland, of which he was a prominent member, attended the funeral in a body. The floral contriburtions were very beautiful. The pallbearers were as follows: Edward CUMMINGS, Michael MCGEADY, Patrick MCGUIRE, Joseph MCKENNA, Edward MONAHAN. Flower Bearers: Patrick J. CUNNINGHAM, James MOHAN, James MCCABE, John MCGREEVEY.

Evening Times, Jan. 22, 1908

An Interesting Turkey Case from Midland

the most interesting criminal case tried during the present term came from Midland. It was a turkey case. Robert MURPHY and Thomas HUGHES were charged with stealing 4 turkeys from one Thomas LLOYD, valued at $8. The turkeys were stolen just before Christmas and Mr. LLOYD had the turkeys in his coal house. He keeps a restaurant and was going to raffle the turkeys off. The men who are alleged to have stolen the turkeys were tracked in the snow to one of their homes, where one of the turkeys was found in an outhouse.

Acting State’s Attorney WILSON had the jury sworn on its voir dire. The case assumed importance by the fact that large numbers of chickens and turkeys have been stolen at Midland, and at various other places in the county and there is a determination to bring the guilty ones to justice.

The prosecuting witness testified that he missed the turkeys within 25 minutes after they were stolen, as he had expected some one would steal the turkeys and had been watching them.

A number os witnesses testified to following the tracks in the snow from the turkey coop, but it developed that the house to which the tracks led was William MURPHY’s house. The latter has been indicted in connection with the alleged offense, but has not yet been apprehended.

The turkeys were stolen between 11 and 12 o’clock. A witness testified that the accused were in his saloon when the latter was closed. Several other witnesses testified to the same thing. The defense also tried to explain away the tracks in the snow by producing witnesses who stated that they walked along the same route at about the same time. These witnesses had attended a show at Midland that night.

The prisoners were placed on the stand, both of whom explained where they were all the evening of the night the turkeys were stolen and denied having had anything to do with the offense.

the case reached the jury at 3 o’clock this afternoon, after which No. 25 trials, State vs. Mary HESSINGER was taken up before a jury. Mrs. HESSINGER was charged with selling liquor to a boy aged 14 years. The defendant keeps a saloon near Midland. Mr. WATSON appears for the traverser. The case is in progress.

Cumberland Alleganian, 1/21/1909
Among those from Midland who attended the party in honor of Miss Ethel Nicols at her home in Lonaconing last night were the following: Misses Jennie Robertson, Sally Jenkins, Messrs. Thomas Conlon, David Schutz, Arch McFarlane, Joe Cramer, Esty Williams, James Munsie and William Munsie.
All the mines around here belong to the Consolidation Coal Co. are idle today.
Mr. Frank Hilliary was in Frostburg yesterday.
Messrs. John Schombert and Clarence Baker were called to Lonaconing lass evening.
Mr. Solomon Leroy Henry, of Vale Summit, was in Midland last evening.
Miss Effie Stevens of National was in Midland yesterday evening.
Mr. Edward George and Miss Mary Sharpe, of this place, were in Lonaconing last evening.
Mr. Joseph McMahon of Ocean was a visitor to the dance in Frostburg last evening.
Mr. Edward Aldridge, Percy Beo(?), and Miss Jane Aldridge of National attended the dance in the Midland Opera House last evening.
Mr. William Broderick, of this place, was in Lonaconing last evening.
Mr. Isaac Cavanaugh of Luke is spending a few days with friends and relatives in Midland.
Mr. Richard J. Stakem the popular proprietor of the Midland bowling alleys has greatly improved his place of business by having the return remodeled and a general improvement all around, adding greatly to the appearance of his place. This week he has prizes up for the highest score, and a prize for the highest flat score. At present, Mr. Frank Hilliary has high score, which is 1?? And Mr. Hilliary is also in a tie for high flat score, which is 90. Mr. Joe Byrne has 90 also.
Mr. George Buckle and family, Coney, visited his brother, Mr. W?? Buckle, at his home on Ocean Hill.
Mr. Dale Baker of Paradise was in Coney last evening.
Mr. Aden Dillon, of Frostburg, was visiting relatives and friends here last evening.
Mr. John Atkinson and Miss Mary Kenny, of this place, were in Lonaconing last evening.
The beautiful Indian Maidens, a musical comedy company will show in the Midland Opera House tomorrow night.
Mr. Cecil Thrasher, of this place, was in Lonaconing last evening.

Cumberland Alleganian, 1/28/1909                 Midland, Md., January 25

Mr. John Smith, of Keyser, W.Va, visited his mother, Mrs. Smith, at her home on Railroad St., yesterday.
Mr. Charles Goss, of Frostburg, spent Saturday morning with friends in Midland.
Miss Esther Cavanaugh and Miss Effie Stevenson, of this place, who have been spending the past few days with friends in Cumberland and have returned home.
The Ancient Order of Hibernians, of this place, held their regular monthly meeting in Wilson’s Hall yesterday afternoon.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McConnel, of Paradise (Street?), are rejoicing over the arrival of a new baby girl.
Mr. George Gocke and Mr. Charles Foreman, of Cumberland, were in Midland yesterday.
Miss Annie Creegan was in from Cumberland Saturday.
Mrs. Isaac Stevenson is very ill at her home in Paradise.
Mr. Joseph Goodwin, of Moscow, visited friends and relative in Midland yesterday.
Mrs. Peter Hoye visited her brother, Mr. Michael McMichael McGreevey, in Frostburg yesterday, who is
very ill with pneumonia.
Miss Alice Cavanaugh, of this place, has returned home after spending a few days with friends and relatives in Cumberland.
Messrs. Osbourne Richardson, William Carroll and James Cromly of Frostburg, were pleasant visitors in Midland last evening.
Mr. Patrick Hogan of Lonaconing was a visitor in Midland Yesterday.
Miss Sara Kenny of Railroad St., was in Cumberland on Saturday.
Messrs. Joseph and Frank McGann, of Frostburg, spent Sunday with relatives and friends in Midland.
Mr. & Mrs. J.D. Marshall left yesterday for Martinsburg, W.Va. to attend the funeral of Mrs. Marshall’s brother who just dies in the Johns Hopkins hospital in Baltimore.
Miss Sis Langhan and Sophia Bowers were in Lonaconing on Saturday.
Misses Mary Conlon and Annie Malloy of Koontz addition were in Lonaconing on Saturday.
Messrs Chas. Hilleary and Jimmie McGuire spent Sunday with friends in Cumberland.
Misses Agnes McFarlane and May Sharpe were visitors in Coney on Saturday.

                                                                                      Midland, Md. Jan. 27, 1909

A very delightful social gathering in honor of Miss Bessie Robertson took place at her home in Ocean last evening. Games and music, both vocal and instrumental, were the features of the evening. Those present were: Misses Mazie Cavanaugh, Rose Drum, Sara Jenkins, Bertha Creegan, Maggie Cavanaugh, Bessie Robertson and Messrs. David Schutz, Arch McFarlane, Joseph Craze and Peter McMahon. At a late hour all returned home well pleased with the pleasure of the evening, and wishing Miss Robertson many such happy times.
Mr. James Close, of this place, attended the theatre in Cumberland last evening.
Mr. Thomas Conlon, a very popular young man of this place, who for the past few years has been a teamster for J. ? Marshall & Co, has resigned his position, and also as president of the Teamsters’ Union. Mr. Conlon will be succeeded by Mr. Saul Goodrich, who was elected president of the union on Mr. Conlon’s resignation.
Mr. James Cain was in Lonaconing yesterday.
Mr. Charles Morgan, Mr. James Morgan and Miss Effie Stevens, popular musicians of this place, played for the Robert Burns celebration in Midlothian last evening.
Mr. Richard J. Stakem, proprietor of the Midland bowling alleys, has greatly improved his alleys within the past few days by having them planed and otherwise improved with a handsome coat of paint and varnish.
At the Wonderland Electric Theatre, of this place, on Monday evening a handsome Morris chair was given away to the person holding the lucky number at the door. Mrs. August Frenzel, of Koontz Addition, held the lucky number and won the chair.
Mr. Alexander Tennant, of this place, was in Lonaconing yesterday.
Mr. William Manley, Jr. of Paradise, was in Cumberland yesterday.
Mrs. Fletcher is ill at her home in Gilmore.
Mr. Delphin Brinnegar, of Cumberland, spent the past few days with his parents, Mr. And Mrs. Hugh Brinnegar at their home in Midland.
Mr. John Cramer, Sr. still remains very ill at his home in Paradise.
There is no work today at the mines belonging to the Consolidation Coal Company.
Evening Times, Feb. 6, 1909
The Longfellow Literary Society of the Midland High School, met in regular session on Friday afternoon and rendered the following program: Song, society; recitation Maggie ROBERTSON; quotation, Isaac CAVANAUGH, reading, Nellie THOMAS; organ solo, Ruth LEAKE; recitation, Esther CAVANAUGH; quotation, Marie BRODERICK; organ solo, Genevieve SHARPE; quotation, Effie GEORGE; essay, Jennie RUSSEL; recitation, Albert SIMPSON; quotation, Willie BOWEN; reading, Russell MCMURDO; quotation, Isabella SHEARER; organ solo, Minnie SCHUTZ; quotation, Thomas STEVENSON; reading, Andrew LASLOW; quotation, Hannah JOHNSON; essay, Annie JOHNSON; quotation, Jas. CLOSE; reading, Hattie BEVERIDGE; quotation, Bessie MUIR; sonG, society, organist, Kathleen MARTIN.
The Midland Duck Pin Club and the South Cumberland Duck Pin Club bowled a very interesting game on Dick STAKEM’S bowling alleys at Midland last evening. The Midland Club won all three games and had a total majority of 119 pins. Chano HILLIARY rolled the highest score which was 109, and had the high average which was 10 pins. The score and line up was as follows:
Cumberland                                   Midland
WILLIAMSON……..78    75   80                  MCGUIRE      93      82     87
BARNES        87    95   82                  MORGAN       89     90     101
WELLER        82    78   69                  HILLIARY      109    98      92
WHITEMEYER    87    87   99                  CARPENTER     80     81      79
FIRLIE         81     73   80                  BYRNES        93     78      97
Mr. James P. STAKEM was referee and Mr. Wm. CAVANAUGH, official scorekeeper.
The Snake Club of Midland held its regular meeting last evening in honor of Misses Maiez and Maggie CAVANAUGH at their home. Games and music, both vocal and instrumental were the features of the evening. Mr. Bernard KILDUFF and Peter MCMAHON sung a duet. At 9:30 refreshments were served and the club adjourned and will hold its next meeting at DUMM’s. the following were present: Misses Sara JENKINS, Bertha CREEGAN, Rose DUMM, Maggie CAVANAUGH, Maize CAVANAUGH, and Messrs. Bernard KILDUFF, Peter MCMAHON, David SCHULTZ, and Thos. MCFARLANE, Pete MCMAHON got stung. (?).
Evening times, Feb, 8 1909
A very interesting game of duckpins took place Saturday afternoon on Dick STAKEM;s alleys between the Trolley Dodgers and the Tigers, both teams of Midland, in which the Tigers won by 12 pins. Dick STAKEM had high score, which was 105, and high average, 98. The lineup was as follows:
TROLLEY DODGERS                    TIGERS
MCFARLANE                         MORGAN
CANTY                              SEAMAN
DORSEY                             CARPENTER
CRAZE                               HILLIARY
D. STAKEM                            BYRNES
A Party in His Honor
A very delightful part in honor of Mr. Thomas LENAN, of Mary’s seminary, Baltimore, who has been spending the past few weeks with his mother at her home in Ocean took place on Friday evening.
Games of all kinds were indulged in until a late hour, when refreshments were served. Those who took part in the pleasure of the evening were: Misses Annie MCGRAW, Francis GRANT, Katie MCKENNA, Marie DILLON, Maggie LENAN and Messrs. Thomas CONLON, Myles J. STAKEM, Timothy KILDUFF, and Thomas LENAN.
Installed New Engine
Enterprise Mine, of Midland, has installed a new stationary engine for the purpose of hauling coal out of the mine, and it will be put into operations today.
Want a Boxing Contest
The Midland boys would like to arrange a boxing contest with some feather-weight on the Creek (about 120 pounds), the Pekin man preferred. For information write to PO Box 105, Midland, Md.
The Champion Stock Company will play in the Midland Opera House 3 nights this week, beginning on Thursday, the 11th.
Evening times, 2/13/1909
Club Gets New Name
Another club in Midland, which was organized several months ago, forgot to name itself. Some funny fellow called it the Snake Club and the name stuck. The club is made up of very nice young people of both sexes, and they resolved to have a prettier name for their club. One of the young lady members asked the Times reporter to suggest a name, and henceforth it well be the Ramona Club, and the Times man advised the young lady to read Helen Hunt Jackson’s beautiful story of that name.
Accident to a Child
Thomas, the 1 year old son of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas STAKEM, of Midland pulled a glass jar off the table the other day. The jar broke and the child fell on one of the pieced, cutting an ugly gash just over the eye, and narrowly escaped cutting the eye out.
To Harden Copper
P. J. CAVANAUGH, barber, blacksmith, railroader and merchant and the “consolidated citizen” of Midland, has perfected a process for hardening copper. He show the Times reporter a copper bolt which he had hardened so that a file made no impression on it. Mr. CAVANAUGH has been working on this invention for several years.
William MCFARLANE was hurt in Ocean No. 1 mine yesterday morning. His injuries are not serious.
It is said that Michael CREEGAN, of Midland, will be a candidate for the office of sheriff next fall.
Evening Time, 2/15/1909
The fire alarm was sounded on Saturday night about 10:30 pm, which caused much excitement. It was fund that the residence of Dr. A.G. SMITH had taken fire from a chimney. The Midland Fire Company responded and was on the way when told that the flames had been extinguished. The damage was not great.
The Federation of Catholic Societies of Midland met in the Young Men’s Institute Hall yesterday. Many interesting subjects were discussed.
Hurt in Mine
Mr. Robert MCFARLANE, who was engaged in timerling the lye at the bottom of the slope in Ocean Mine No. 1 of the Consolidated Coal Co., receive a painful injury by a set of falling timber which struck him on the head and face. He is getting along as well as can be expected at this time.
Messrs. Charles and William SHEARER of Wabash, WVa., spent Sunday with their parents, Mr. & Mrs. Wm. SHEARER, at their home on Railroad St.
Evening Time, 2/22/1909
Mr. & Mrs. Conrad LUTZ, of Midland, celebrated the 25th anniversary of their wedding at their home on Koontz addition. They were married 25 years ago in Barton. Mrs. LUTZ’s maiden name was Miss Emma CREUTZBERG and both are natives of Barton. A few years ago they came to Midland, where Mr. LUTZ engaged in the grocery business and has since been one of our most popular and up-to-date merchants. They have 2 children, Mr. Ernest, who is employed by the Pennsylvania Railroad at Cresson, PA, but owing to urgent railroad business was unable to attend the silver jubilee. They also have a little girl, Vesta, at home. They received many beautiful presents and have the best wishes of the entire community. At the celebration there were plenty of music, singing and games and many other amusements to make all present happy. A delicious supper was served and Mr.  L. J. ORT made a nice speech in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Lutz. Those who participated in this delightful timer were Mr. & Mrs. David CLAYTON, of Cumberland; Rev. and Mrs. FLECK; Mr & Mrs. Peter LEMMERT, and daughter, Goldie; Mr. & Mrs. Fred LUTZ, and daughter, Stella; Mrs. John MERBAUGH, of Frostburg, Miss Minnie EICHORN, of Lonaconing; Miss Agnes WILLIAMS, Carrie CREUTZBERG, Ernest CREUTZBERG, Mrs. Peter SHAW, and daughter, Elvie; Mr. & Mrs. Lewis J. ORT, Mr & Mrs. Robert RUSSELL;Mr. John E. STEIDING and son Carl; Mrs. & Mrs. August FRENDEL, Mrs. & Mrs. John CLISE; Mrs. & Mrs. William CLOSE and children; Miss Mary MCFARLANE;Mrs. Clarence ORT; Mrs. John BOND, Srr. and daughter, Dora; and Misses Rosalla and Barbara SEIGMUND, of Midland.
A Church Wedding
St. Joseph’s Catholic Church was the scene of a very pretty wedding yesterday, when Mr. Christopher Francis DEVLIN, of Westernport, and Miss Rosetta CAVANAUGH, of Midland, were united in the bonds of matrimony by Rev. F. P. MACKALL. Mr. DEVLIN is a very popular young gentleman of Westernport, and the bride is the charming daughter of Mrs. Phillip CAVANAUGH, and one of the most popular young ladies of Midland. After the ceremony the couple went to the home of the bride where supper was served.
Evening Times, March 24, 1909
The Midland Gun Club will hold a meeting in their club house on Sunday afternoon, and all the members are requested to attend.
Mr. Jack CAMPBELL, of Paradise, and Bill MUNSIE, of Koontz addition, spent Sunday afternoon with friends in Piedmont.
Messrs. Charles BEVERAGE, Samuel MCGOWAN, Harry CAMPBELL and David SHEARER, young bicyclists of this place, took a ride as far as Reynolds on their bicycles yesterday afternoon.
All the mines in this vicinity owned by the Colidation Coal Company were idle yesterday and today.
Misses Mary MONAHAN and Rosalie CREEGAN , of Railroad St., were visiting friends and relatives in Frostburg yesterday afternoon.
Mr. James CLOSE, of Paradise, attended the skating rink in Lonaconing last evening.
A five dollar gold piece will be given free to the person holding the lucky ticket at the Wonderland Electric Theatre tomorrow night.
Evening Times, April 2, 1909
Midland Defeated
A team of five roller skate racers went to Lonaconing on Wednesday evening and raced a team from Lonaconing, in which Midland was defeated. The race took place in Evans’ Opera House and the Midland boys don’t think that they got a fair deal. They skated to see who could make it in the best time, and Dan CAIN of Midland skated against John SCOLLIE, of Lonaconing. Scollie beat him only about two yards, and yet he made it in nine seconds quicker time than CAIN. It takes nine seconds to make one lap, and SCOLLIE wasn’t any more than 1/20 of a lap h\ahead of him. The Midland team was as follows: CAVANAUGH, who beat DITTMAN; BLAIR, who beat CONLEY; SAVILISKY who beat BROWN; CAOM, who lost to  SCOLLIE; and Peter MCMAHON, whom GLENN ran away from. Among those who attended the rink in Lonaconing on Wednesday evening ere Messrs. James DRUMM, James MCGUIRE, Jos. LAUGHLIN, Frank KILLIARY, Wm.. MUNSIE, Leo ROLAND, Peter MCGUIRE, Andrew SAVILISKY , and Myles j. STAKEM.
Mr. & Mrs. Michael MARTIN are rejoicing over the arrival of a new baby boy at their home on Railroad St.
Evening Times, April 3, 1909
Farewell Party
A very delightful surprise and farewell party took place on Thursday evening in honor of Mrs. George SEAMAN, who is moving to Blaine, where her husband has secured work. the party took place at the home of Mrs. SEAMAN’s parents, Mr. & Mrs. Samuel MCGOWAN on Railroad St., the feature of this evening was a step dance by Mrs. Thomas CATON and Mrs. William WILLIAMS. Mrs. John THOMAS and Mrs. Thomas WALTERS entertained the party with very good music and singing. Various parlor games and other amusements helped to the the evening a very enjoyable affair. At half past ten all were call to the dining room where an elaborate supper was served. Those who took par in the pleasure of the evening were: Mrs. William WILLIAMS, Mrs. William MUIR, Mrs. John LEAMAN, Mrs. Ben YATES, Mrs. Allen BARBOUR, Mrs. Thos. WALTERS, Mrs. Rodger POWELL, Mrs. David KOONTZ, Mrs. Geo. WILLIAMS, Mrs. Clara SCHULTZ, Mrs. Thomas CATON, Mrs. John LOAR, Mrs. Richard HOTCHKISS, Mrs. William BIRD, Mrs. John THOMAS, Mrs. James THOMAS, Mrs. Samuel MCGOWAN, Mrs. Patrick MALLOY, Mrs. Isaac O’ROURKE, Mrs. Constance KROLL, and Mrs, Harry BANCORD.
Among those from Midland who attended the masquerade skate in Evans Opera House last evening were: Wm. MUNSIE, Tom MCGUIRE,Joe LANGHAN and Peter MCGUIRE.
Grace M. E. Church, at Midland, has elected the following Sunday School officers: Superintendent, Mrs. Robert MCFARLAND;Asst. Superintendent, Clarence ORT; Secretary, Joseph MORTON; Treasurer, James CLOSE; Librarian, Robert MILLER;Assts. George ALBRIGHT and Arthur BLAIR.
Joseph MULLEN, of Midland, is very ill at the home of his sister, Mr. CLAPP. Joe went to West Virginia several months ago, hoping that a change of climate might be beneficial. He returned the other day and there is no improvement in his condidtion.
James TRENCH has painted the interior of Williams’ cafe in the Cavanaugh building on Main St.
Evening Times, April 14, 1909
Good Friday was specially observed here yesterday. Special services were conducted in St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.
The Consolidation Coal Co., followed their time-honored custom of observing the holiday and only those connected with the pumps and other machinery were at work.
Special Easter Services will be conducted in St. Joseph’s Catholic Church and Grace M. E. Church tomorrow. Rev. CASE, the newly appointed minister to Grace M.E. Church, arrived here yesterday evening and will assume the duties of his position tomorrow. Rev. CASE comes highly recommended for his earnest efforts in behalf of those entrusted to his care and enjoys the reputation of being a thorough broad minded minister.
Miss Edna GOODALE, New York, is persistently drilling the school children of the public school for their entertainment Tuesday night in Midland Opera House, which promises to be greeted with a tremendous crowd.
Mr. Dennis DORSEY,Jr., of Baltimore, and Frank ORT, of M. A. College, are spending the Easter holidays with their parents here.
the Easter Hop of the Bachelor’s Club on Monday evening in Midland Opera House is creating a great deal of interest among our dance lovers, and from all reports will be attended by visitors from all the surrounding towns. Polands’ popular orchestra will furnish the music, which in itself is attraction sufficient to guarantee the hop being a great success.
Miss Ann CREEGAN and Katie KELLEY are spending Easter with their parents, being relieved from their duties as public school teachers in the lower end of the county for a few days.
Mr. Wm. BYRNE, of East Pittsburg, is spending a few days the guest of his mother.
The prospect for electric light for Midland seems to be an assured thing and the news is hailed with delight. Mr. A. A. DAVIS is at the helm and with his usual progressiveness is preparing to lift the veil of darkness from our town as quickly as possible.
The Baseball question is very quiet at present, but when the season is properly open the Midland boys will be found in line with a strong combination of local talent that will produce the old time enthusiasm.
Rev. U.S. HAVENER, who has been pastor of Grace M.E. Church for the past four years bade farewell to his friends yesterday and departed for Baltimore, where he will take up his duties in the city.

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