Growing Up In Midland

You’ve probably heard the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child and Midland was the best “village” to grow up in.  Who remembers:

  • how to play “Watch the Moon Skip the Rocket” ??
  • “chasing parkers”?
  • who actually pushed over Miss Pipton’s outhouse?
  • sledding down Dairy Lane?
  • and….what are your memories of:
  •  Dashiell’s Dairy
  •  Sister Antoinette
  •  Scotties
  •  Verl Ash’s Grocery
  •  Baseball games at the park
  •  Playing in the “crick”
  •  Sadie Yeager’s Confectionary
  •  Jokie Monahan
  •  Back Street
  •  Opera House        
  • This is the place to share your memories of growing up in Midland, who you hung around with, the people who shaped your life, and in general your fondest memories. And…if you have any pictures to share please email to me at: and I will post on the site. Use the form below and take as much space as you need.

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