Methodist Church

January 22, 1895

Criminal Cases Disposed of Today – Bastardy Case from Midland

The next case called was No. 8, criminal trials, State vs. Miles BYRNE. This is a case of bastardy from Midland, in which May BUSH swore that the prisoner was the father of her child, and which he flatly denied. The case was given to the jury at one o’clock. The jury was out about an hour when it returned with a verdict of guilty.

1898 – Habeas Corpus Caste- This afternoon a petition for a writ of habeas corpus is being heard before Judge SLOAN, sued ?ont by D.W. ROBB for the release of Harry SHEARER, of Midland, charged with selling goods without a license.



Constable Charles SOURBAUGH, of Midland, accompanied by Messrs. Robert F. and John R. LOAR, brought one David SMITH here (Cumberland) this afternoon on the C & P train and lodged him in jail. SMITH is charged with housebreaking. The LOARS, who cam down with the prisoner, are brothers and keep bachelors’ hall at Midland.  Yesterday while they were at their work in the mines, SMITH, it is alleged, broke into their house and took a gold watch, a revolver and a lot of clothing. A few days previous $ 50 was stolen from the young men in the same way. They allege that yesterday was the fourth time that SMITH has been in the house with thieving intentions. SMITH was arrested at Lonaconing last night and the watch and revolver found on his person. SMITH is a miner and is from Elk Garden. He has been living at Ocean for some time but has not been working lately.

April 24, 1906


Mother Gave Him a Good Sound Licking.

When court convened this morning the charge against Charles W. GOODNAUGH, of assault with intent to murder, was argued and given to the jury, after which a bastady case from Midland was called an tried before a jury.

The traverser was a young man, Charles SHEARER, and the prosecuting witness, Lizzie MONTGOMERY.

SHEARER, who stated that he was 22 years old, said that he hadn’t been with the girl for more than a year previous to the birth of the child. The reason given by him was that his mother objected to his going with the girl and gave him a licking. While SHEARER was being cross-examined by State’s Attorney WILSON, he hesitated in his answers several times. His mother, a large portly woman, sat in front of him. The court noticed that the woman was making signs to the witness and ordered her to leave the courtroom.

Andrew SALVISKY, a witness for the defense, testified that he commenced to go with the girl when he was only fifteen and knew her well and in the most intimate way.

The prosecuting witness, who is quite a young girl, admitted knowing other young men, but said none had been with her intimately within a year prior to the birth of her child.

The above case reached the jury at noon and a verdict of guilty rendered. R. ROBB and Mr. SLOAN appeared for the defense.