Education News

News clips from the Cumberland Evening times regarding schools.

May 8, 1897


At a meeting of the School Board held May 7, trustees were appointed for the different schools throughout the county as follows:

District 18

Midland- Philip MCMAHON, D.A. RYAN, G. T. LONG.

Ocean – George EISENTROUT, George B. WALTERS, William WELLINGS

Miller Mine – Robert T. DAVIS, Robert MCFARLANE

Cumberland Evening Times, June 20, 1905

The second commencement of St. Joseph’s Parochial School was held at St. Joseph’s Church Sunday evening and were attended by a large number of friends and relatives of the graduates, the spacious building being taxed to its capacity and many were compelled to stand throughout the exercises, when began with the graduating class singing the Ave Maria, followed by remarks of advice and encouragement from Rev. Father Mackall. The members of the class then took their positions at the altar railing, where their valedictory was delivered by Miss Mae Burns, Miss Mary Kenny, Miss Annie Creegan, Miss Annie Burns, Miss Maggie Lenan, Miss Rose Burns, Miss Bessie Stakem, Miss Loretta Kenny, Miss Agnes Carrol and Miss Josie Richardson, and in chorus by Miss Ella Ryan, Stella Cavanaugh, Sadie Fleming, Annie Richardson and Mary Burke, the clear distinct and confident voices resonating through the large edifice in a  manner that clearly emphasized the care and thought utilized in their preparation, the kind words conveying their deep thanks and appreciation to their loved pastor, devoted teachers and anxious parents and friends were well chosen and very appropriated and would reflect credit upon older and more experienced minds.

Miss Annie Creegan, daughter of Mayor P. J. Creegan, carried off the honors of the graduating class, having a percent of 98 2/3, while Miss Josie Richardson, daughter of Cornelius Richardson, made 98 1/2 percent. the following scholars were presented with gold medals for perfect attendance for the entire term: Miles Burns, Frankie Burns, Clarence Bowen, Willie Bowen, John & Joseph Morgan, Clara Conlon, Nellie Scally, Eleanor Cadden, Stella Corrigan and Mary Nolan.

Miss Annie Richardson was presented with a medal for proficiency in music, and the following won first prize for knowledge of Christian doctrine: Margaret burns, Mary Creegan, Zita Richardson, Loretta Monahan, Leon Grant, and the following second prize for the same study: Patrick Creegan, Alex Daledovich, Peter Polanus, Mary Seib, Agnes Murphy, Eleanor Cadden, Katie Richardson, aPauline Burns, Nellie Ward and Mary Manley.


The following children attended the parochial school every day for the month of March:

First Class- T. Morgan, W. Goodwin, W. Grant, J. Broderick, Mary Byrne, A. Laffey, L. Laffey, K. Byrne, Ella Richardson, L. Ryan, Mary Creegan, Mary Bushe, Agnes Carroll.

Second Class –William Manley, Philip McMahon, thomas Cavanaugh, John Manley, Miles Byrne, Anastasia Ryan, Bridget Byrne, Teresa Reilly, Annie Bushe, May Byrne, Christina McKenna, Loretta Nolan, Mary Monahan, Rosalie Creegan, Catherine Creegan, Martha Fleming, Agnes Byrne, Marie Bowen.

Third Class – Joseph Byrne, Simon ??mell, James Carroll, Yvo?? Grant, Michael Manley, Edward O’Brien, C. O’Brien, Joseph Stakem, Cecilia burns, Annie Byrne, Adelaide Byrne, Martha Bushe, Isabella Broderick, Clara Conlon, Bridget Langhan, Grace Martin, Zita Richardson, Genevieve Stakem,

Fourth Class – russell McMurdo, Joseph Bushe, John Byrne, Philip Cavanaugh, Emmet Coleman, John Canty, Philip Murphy, John Richardson, Patrick Cavanaugh, Francis McConnell, Marie Broderick, Clara Byrne, Anna Cavanaugh, Katie Clupp, Anna Coleman, Olivia Jenkins, Kathleen Kenny, Loretta Monahan, Mary Morgan, Gertrude Ryan, Agnes Ryan, Annie Savilisky, Clara Laffey, Mary Manley, Jane Manley, Agnes Stakem, Anna Scally, Nellie Scally, Bernadette Stakem, Mary Trezise.

Fifth Class–Miles Broderick, William Bowen, Edward Creegan, Henry Cain, Joseph Fleming, Leon Grant, Archie Gilchrist, Joseph Jeffries, Frank Morgan, Pauline Byrne, Catherine Cadden, Nellie Durkin, Mary Manley, Agnes Nolan, Katie Richardson, Nellie Ward, Josephine Winters, Edward Corrigan.

Sixth Class – Bernard Murphy, Carl Firlie, James Corrigan, Joseph Morgan, John Morgan, John White, James Murphy, John Thompson, Leo Conlon, Luke Fleming, Luke Burns, Patrick Byrne, Patrick Coleman, Owen Canty, Willie Jenkins, John Broderick, Isaac Izzett, Bernard McConnell, Elmer Jeffries, Anthony Murphy, Bernard Broderick, Evangeline Fleming, Emma Stakem, Josephine Winters, Lizzie Corigan, Loretta Reilly, Lila LeMaster, Mary Carroll, Matilda Kenny, Mildred Heller, Marie Donahue, Stella Corrigan, Ursula McGuire, Winifred Cavanaugh, Rosaline Stakem, Nellie Byrne.

Cumberland Evening Times, 2/23/1909

How Washington’s Birthday was observed in the Public Schools

the various schools of this place fittingly observed Washington’s Birthday yesterday by having grand entertainments and rendering very interesting programs. The public school of MIdland rendered the following program: Recitation, To a picture of Washington, Elsie HUMPHREY;recitation, “Something Better”, Gladys WALTERS; exercise by 3 girls, The Red, White and Blue, Lola MUNSIE, angela BAKER, and Jessie SANDERS; recitation, A Hatchet Story, Harry THOMAS; recitation, My Country’s Son, Earl KROLL. The songe that Reached My Heart, by Prof. John T. WALSH;essay, The Wars that Washing Foungt In, by Isaac CAVANAUGH; essay, Inauguration of Washisngton, by Kathleen MARTIN; recitation, The Grave of Washington by Wm ROBERTSON; recitation, Which General by Robert BLAIR; recitation, The Good Old Times, Eddie KROLL; recitation, How Washington Taught Lessons, by S. SEAMAN; recitation , Washingtons’ Birthday, by Pearl STEVENSON; recitation, The Days of Glorious Washington, by Miriam LEAKE; recitation, Our Washington by Mary BARBER; recitations, Washington by the following little girls: Nellie MUNSIE, Vesta LUTZ, Ida CRAZE, Ethel DAVIS, Isabella JENKINS, Rebecca CLOSE, Nannie LOAR, Ruth BRINEGAR, Sarah HUMPHREY, and Annie LASLOW; recitation, The Banner of the Free, by Elmer JEFFRIES; Washington the True, by: David SHEARER, Thomas LEAKE, Willie DILL, Henry BARNCORD, and Harry BLAIR; recitation,The Good Old Time, by Bernice MARSHALL, We Maids are Patriots Too, by Pearl MUIR, Nannie MORTON, Kathleen SCHOMBERT, Elsie SHARPE, Vada DRUMM, and Grace BEVERAGE.