1960 – 1990 Vietnam Era

The list of veterans from Midland was provided by Steve Baker. If we have missed anyone, or you would like to include your picture, please send an email to the webmaster.


Steve Baker-Marine Corps
Dennis Bartlett (U.S. Army)
Peck Bevan (Army)
Tom Dawson (U.S. Navy)
Discount Eagan (Army)
Gary Downton (Army)
Jack Durst (Army)
Butch Haggard (Army)
Danny Jones (Army)
Buck Metz (Navy)
Jimmy Ravenscroft
Eddie Robertson (Army)
Frank “Duksie” Robertson (Army)
Gary Simpson
Ray Thrasher (Army)
Mike Spataro (Army)
Onslow Wilson(Army)

Other 1960 – 1990 Service members